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K Hotels Taipei I

Located next to the 3,400 square meters of greenery of parks No. 14 and 15, the K Hotels Taipei I offers easy access to Taipei Main Station where the MRT, Taiwan High-speed Railway, TRA trains, and long-distance buses can be taken. It is just five minutes on foot to MRT Zhongshan Station. The fast and convenient transport network makes it easy to travel within the city and beyond from the hotel. This is a business hotel with an excellent location.

Walk from the hotel to the main road, cross the road and Tiaotong Shopping District, a place offering a variety of exotic foods, and the bustling and prosperous Southwest (Nanxi) Shopping District and its major department stores, an area that never sleeps and where many visitors linger without any thought of leaving, can be reached. Also within a 10 minute car journey from the hotel are CKS Memorial Hall, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Longshan Temple, Shilin Tourist Night Market, and other famous attractions, allowing you to experience the charm of Taipei in the spare time between business meetings.

The K Hotels Taipei I allows visitors to experience the difference in Taipei by day and night and all its many charms and enjoy a relaxing personal space in the quiet guest rooms. We sincerely await your arrival and look forward to serving you.